The component deliveries will start in summer 2019 and the installations will follow soon after component delivery.

Langh Tech's Regional Manager, Mr. Simon Kim, stated:

I believe that this scrubber retrofit contract with Polaris Shipping will be a great milestone for Langh Tech to cooperate with many other esteemed Korean shipping companies in the future


In a recent development about open loop scrubbers, BIMCO informed that Chinese regulators have updated part of its domestic emission control area (DECA) regulations, which apply from 1 January 2019. However, they have not yet placed a full ban on open-loop scrubbers.

BIMCO said that, according to sources, the banned areas for discharging wastewater from scrubbers remain within inland ECAs, port waters under coastal DECA and the Bohai Bay waters only.

Nevertheless, a full ban on open-loop scrubbers could be adopted soon.

This comes after reports that China has banned open-loop scrubbers from the country’s emission control areas (ECAs).