According to DSG's statement, it will launch a survey which will have the support and participation of a number of leading companies. Founder members of the Diversity Study Group include Ardmore Shipping and Peninsula Petroleum.

Prior to launching the survey, Heidi Heseltine, Co-Founder of the Diversity Study Group, stated

We believe passionately in the need for greater diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. Companies that draw upon the full range of talents available to them by embracing diverse, inclusive workplaces are shown to outperform their peers and shipping is no different to this.

She continued that the Group aims to not only provide a safe environment where diversity could stand in shipping, but also to champion diversity and provide support from experts and resources.

In addition, Heseltine reported that although they support gender equality and IMO's 'I am onboard' campaign, the industry should look at a wider range of measures of diversity and inclusion to help provide a far fuller picture than they have ever had before.

Moreover, DSG is open to all organisation in the shipping and energy industries.

Those participating in the group, will have:

  1. access to a confidential interactive web-based business intelligence platform for equality;
  2. diversity and inclusion assessment;
  3. benchmarking;
  4. reporting and strategy development.

The 2019 study will be conducted through the autumn, with the results unveiled at DSG’s inaugural seminar in November.

Deadline for participation for 2019: 25 September 2019.