Depending on the industry feedback, the partners will proceed with a technology field trial using a Mocean Energy prototype in the seas off Orkney later this year. Once proven, these technologies could provide important backup power in case of failure, with potential to provide green power for future fleets of autonomous AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles).


During 2019, Mocean Energy secured £3.3 million from Wave Energy Scotland to build and test a half-scale version of their technology at sea. The device is currently being built.

This project gives us the opportunity to put our prototype to real use and will give us the chance to draw on the subsea expertise of our project partners. It is a genuine opportunity to showcase the potential for renewable energy to power a subsea application

Mocean Energy Managing Director Cameron McNatt, comments.

In addition, Nigel Ward, Chief Commercial Officer at Modus, believes that the project will showcase capability to provide temporary or semi-permanent modular subsea residency for HAUV systems controlled by over the horizon technology.