The actors involved are the Swedish Shipowners´ Association, ABB Sweden AB, ABB Marine Oy, Swedish Stena AB, the research institute RISE and the battery company Northvolt. Dan Sten Olsson, CEO, Stena AB, stated:

There is a lot going on concerning battery on ships and we believe that research and development are crucial for finding the best. By joining forces between the research community and the maritime sector, we have great opportunities for the future.

Shipping electrification is considered an important step towards a zero-emission future, as it is expected to contribute to cutting emissions from fossil energy sources, especially for inland waterways. A side event on COP23 in November last year brought electric shipping in the spotlight, validating electrification has come, with new projects and technologies developed every day.

Shore power supply for ships was also at the centre of the IMO Sub-Committee on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE), on 12-16 March.