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Watch: Timelapse of Stena Edda taking shape

Between the 15th of June 2018 and the 15th of April 2019, Stena Edda went from blueprint to a floating vessel. This video depicts the full transformation in just three minutes. 302 blocks with a total weight of more than 9,350 tonnes of steel were recorded during the process.

Stena Line increases female leaders in 2018

Swedish ferry operator Stena Line improved its gender diversity in the past year, with a reported increase of female leaders from 16 % to 19 %, the company said in its annual sustainability review released this week. Gender equality and inclusion was introduced as a new focus area in 2018.

Watch: Artificial Intelligence on ‘Stena Scandinavica’

The video, issued by Stena Line, shows how the Captain and crew onboard the cruise ferry ‘Stena Scandinavica’ are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce the fuel consumption on the Gothenburg – Kiel route, under a pilot study initiated back in September 2018. 

Stena Line will not continue with LNG retrofit project

Swedish Stena Line informed that it will not continue with its first dual-fuel retrofit in spite of the fact that it received funding from the German government. The original project was to convert the ro-pax ferry Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for LNG. The company informed that it will not carry out the project due to ‘budget, technical challenges and both operational and financial risk’.

EU approves Stena Rederi, Glovis Europe joint venture

The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the joint venture of Stena Rederi of Sweden, part of the Stena Sphere, and Glovis Europe of Germany, controlled by Hyundai Glovis of South Korea. The joint venture will mainly operate short-sea transport services on Pure Car and Truck Carrier vessels in Europe.

Maersk heads to its own Brexit

As Brexit is coming closer and the international maritime sector seems to be affected, Maersk makes its own Brexit. Maersk’s decision follows other companies, as P&O Ferries, that announced, on December 2018, it will re-flag two of its vessels to keep European Union tax arrangements ahead Brexit. Additionally, Stena and Stolt-Nielsen also informed that they are reviewing their UK-registered ships ahead of Brexit. 

Stena, Stolt-Nielsen review their UK-registered ships

Sweden’s Stena and Bermuda-registered Stolt-Nielsen informed that they are reviewing their UK-registered ships ahead of Brexit. Such a development could complicate any attempts by the UK to secure extra space on ships to deal with potential disruption, in case of no-deal Brexit. As of January 30 2019, there were 1,306 vessels flying the British flag representing just over 16 million gross tonnage. This is less than 1,317 ships in 2017.

Stena Line voyages first next-gen ferry in China

Stena Line, a Swedish ferry company, launched its first next generation RoPax vessel at the Avic Weihai Shipyard in China. The first new vessel, to be named Stena Estrid, sailed for the first time on January 16. The vessel is to start service on the Dublin to Holyhead route in early 2020. 

Stena partners with Hyundai Glovis in a European car carrier joint venture

Stena Rederi, a part of Swedish shipping company Stena AB, and German Glovis Europe are to collaborate in an attempt to operate car and truck vessels in Europe. Both companies have filed documents with the European Commission’s competition authorities to launch their partnership that will operate short-sea transport services on pure car and truck carrier vessels in Europe, according to Lloyd’s register.


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