Although the dry bulk field has made huge efforts to enhance safety, there still a lot of work to be done, as Intercargo Secretary General Dr Kostas Gkonis commented.

The guidance includes exemplary safety practices that will be useful for all participants in the workforce, including shipowners, ports, terminals, charterers and associations.

This up-to-date key guidance should find its prominent place aboard every  bulk carrier and in the library of every company and professional in our sector.

...Dr Kostas Gkonis, added.

Moreover, the initiative includes safety practices from each stage of the voyage, from preparation and loading, to care of the cargo and ship at sea, and finally arrival and discharge.

Subjects covered include strength and stability, hatch cover care, enclosed spaces, charterparties, legislation, draught surveys, deballasting, monitoring hazardous cargoes, spontaneous combustion, fumigation, coal fires, liquefaction and oxygen-depletion, safe mooring and access, ship-shore communication and ship/shore damage.

....Dr Kostas Gkonis concluded.