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Lessons learned from fatal one metre

During hold-cleaning operations, the crew were using a ladder and a high-pressure water jet to remove cargo residue from the sloping upper hopper bulkhead. The crew member on the ladder lost his balance and fell backwards on to the tank top, striking his head. 

Mariners ‘fairly pragmatic’ about automation, survey finds

In line with an increased focus on automation across shipping, The Nautical Institute has conducted a survey seeking to understand seafarers’ current thoughts on the introduction of automation. The responses revealed mariners were fairly pragmatic about the inevitable increase of technology onboard.

Ten tips to improve situational awareness onboard

The Nautical Institute issued its newest edition of The Navigator focusing on the importance of Situational Awareness as a key component of safe navigation. Maintaining good situational awareness can be challenging and there are many things on a bridge that can cause distraction or overload.

10 tips to avoid accidents at sea

While poor watchkeeping, over reliance on GPS, fatigue, commercial pressure and distractions remain as major causes of shipping accidents, new technology inevitably leads to new ways to have accidents, argues David Patraiko, Director of Projects, The Nautical Institute, in the new issue of ‘The Navigator’. 

10 tips for coping with weather at sea

The Nautical Institute issued its June edition of The navigator focusing on weather as a critical factor for safe navigation. The weather can make the difference between a prosperous or loss-making voyage, can cause injury to crew and passengers and can even lead to the loss of a ship.

Nautical Institute, IMO partner to help developing countries meet maritime standards

The Nautical Institute and the IMO have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, according to which the NI will support the IMO in helping developing countries to meet international maritime standards. The NI has agreed to provide its assistance in professional development, under IMO’s Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme.

Nautical Institute launches new edition of The Principles of Navigation

The Nautical Institute launched the 11th edition of The Admiralty Manual of Navigation, Volume 1: The Principles of Navigation. This edition is the first to be digital by design and is based on the assumption that the readers’ vessel will be sailed using IMO type-approved ECDIS.

Career Paths: Capt. David Patraiko, The Nautical Institute

Capt. David Patraiko, Director of Projects, The Nautical Institute goes back to the early stages of his career where he met his mentor , Capt Joe Mullaly , who taught him many valuable lessons both for his professional and personal life.

Ten tips for proper lookout and safe navigation

In its latest edition of ‘The Navigator’, The Nautical Institute explores the importance for ship navigators of always keeping a good lookout by all available means, while maintaining focus and alertness. The most critical piece of equipment on the ship bridge is seafarers’ own eyes. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and when a lookout is not maintained, bad things can happen. 

IMRF, Nautical Institute to collaborate on improving safety at sea

The MoU commits IMRF and the Nautical Institute to exchange information and technical cooperation in areas of mutual interest, and to improve training standards and guidelines across the shipping industry. In addition, the IMRF and the Nautical Institute will attempt to promote issues regarding the safety of mariners and others at sea.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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