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The Nautical Institute joins Green Award scheme

The Nautical Institute has joined the Green Award scheme as an Incentive Provider, in a bid to support an environmentally friendly maritime industry. Green Award identifies and certifies ships that are extra clean, safe, demonstrate excellent performance and have gone beyond the legal standards.

Ten tips for effective use of VTS communications

In the latest issue of ‘The Navigator’ magazine, The Nautical Institute explores multiple aspects of VTS communications. Vessel Traffic Services is an essential service provided by a shore authority to help manage ship traffic and to improve safety and security, particularly in congested areas.

Nautical Institute publishes new guide for polar shipping

The Nautical Institute issued a new guidance for polar shipping, called “Polar Ship Operations – a practical guide.” In the guidance, Captain Duke Snider FNI describes the challenges when sailing in polar seas. This new edition has been updated to take account of IMO’s Polar Code, which came into force in 2017.

The Nautical Institute appeals for seafarer feedback over S-Mode

The Nautical Institute announced a consultation to help assess the latest proposals for standardised navigation equipment, calling navigators to provide feedback on the latest concept for S-Mode. The concept is for an ‘always on’ standardisation of key features to be adopted by the leading manufacturers of navigation systems.

Ten skills to become an effective shiphandler

In its latest edition of The Navigator, the Nautical Institute and the Royal Institute of Navigation explore some basic principles of shiphandling and how an individual can gain experience and make the most of any opportunities to learn.

The Nautical Institute issues shiphandling logbook

As part of a range of services to improve safety and best practice in the maritime industry, the Nautical Institute announced launch of a Shiphandling Logbook to provide mariners an essential tool to develop shiphandling skills and take advantage of training opportunities.

The Nautical Institute issues lifeboat safety handbook

Launching, operating and recovering small boats from ships is often outside the expertise of crew and can require considerable skill and seamanship. To address this issue, the Nautical Institute published ‘Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships’.

NI explores a new approach for S-Mode

The S-Mode is the standardised display for electronic navigation equipment which aims to decrease the burden of familiarisation when a seafarer steps aboard a new ship and is faced with unfamiliar navigation equipment. It’s been championed by The Nautical Institute since 2008 and has been discussed for over 10 years so far.

The role of pilots in safe navigation

The latest issue of the Navigator, a free publication by The Nautical Institute in association with the Royal Institute of Navigation, explores what is involved in being and working with a Pilot. Most pilotage areas have an increased risk of groundings and collisions, which is why having a Pilot on board is mandatory.


Are the vessels’ crew members aware enough of the new requirements of STCW Convention?

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