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Three injured after explosion on bulker

An explosion took place on board the bulk carrier ‘Great Aspiration’, on April 17, in Celtic sea off Lizard, UK. Three crewmembers sustained serious burns, and were in need of medical assistance. The inured men were rescued from the bulker, as a search and rescue helicopter winched them off the ship. ‘Great Aspiration’ was anchored at Mount’s Bay on April 18, and it continued its sailing that day, going to Falmouth, under its own power.

Lessons learned: Crew injury while securing a tow

In the latest publication of its ‘Lessons Learned’ series, the UK P&I Club described a serious eye injury of a crew member while securing a tow. The Club noted that three crew members were probably not enough to safely manage an operation of this nature.

Fire breaks out on bulk carrier at North Carolina Port

A fire broke out in the crew cabins of the bulk carrier ‘Albany Sound’, while the ship was berthed at North Carolina Port, Morehead City, US, on April 14. Ac cording to information, the fire affected only the crew cabins and not other parts of the ship. Morehead City Fire fighters, helped by other departments, went on the incident scene and put out the fire by the afternoon of the same day. Currently, the bulk carrier is berthed at the port.

NZ prosecutes Captain over unsafe work practices

Maritime NZ pressed charges against the Captain of the Panama-flagged bulk carrier Spinnaker SW on Friday 29 March 2019. The Captain was charged with allowing dangerous activity involving ships or maritime products under section 65(2) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994. The Captain allowed the crew to load a cargo of logs onto the Spinnaker SW, without the use of personal protective equipment

Warehouse 6 enhances bulk transhipment at Port of Rotterdam

As the Warehouse 6 at EBS Laurenshaven terminal is completed, the Port of Rotterdam now has another asset in the transshipment of high quality minerals and biomass. For European Bulk Services, this also marks the next step in the transition from coal to other products. A total 126,000 cubic metres of covered storage capacity has been added, bringing EBS’s total capacity in Rotterdam to 650,000 cubic metres.

Iron Chieftain heads on final journey for Turkish scrapyard

Iron Chieftain bulker vessel departed from Port Kembla on March 27, and is now heading to its final resting place in Turkey. The vessel suffered a major fire in June 2018, and 100 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire.

New IACS Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers

IACS published the new ‘Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (CSR BC & OT)’. The latest rules will replace the current Common Structural Rules for Double Hull Oil Tankers (CSR-OT) and Common Structural Rules for Bulk Carriers (CSR-BC). These Rules will enter into force on 1st July 2019.

Two vessels collide at Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada will be using a team of investigators to Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia, after a collision between the M.V. Caravos Harmony and the M.V. Pan Acacia took place on March 17. TSB did not reveal any further information regarding the damages, injuries or pollution, but it said that it will gather information and assess the occurrence.

Bulker collides with fishing vessel, five missing

A Panamax bulker collided with a fishing vessel in Zhejiang Province waters, on February 23. At the time of the incident, the fishing vessel had seven crew on board. Of them, two were rescued, while the remaining five are missing. The bulk carrier was heading from Tangshan, China, Yellow sea, to Zhuhai, South China. The ship received orders to stop its voyage, and wait for investigation.

Robber steals fuel from bulk carrier at Caofeidian Anchorage, China

A robber attacked and stole fuel from a bulk carrier that was anchored at China’s Caofeidian Anchorage, on February 10. Namely, the duty officer on board the ship notice that a hose was connected from a tank. The alarm was raised and the robber lowered the hose and escaped. It was reported that DO had been stolen and the incident was reported to VTS Caofeidian.


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