Specifically, Lars Jensen, CEO and Partner of Sea Intelligence Consulting, commented via his Linkedin account that

At the time of writing this, msc.com has been down for 10 hours, and for now I have received information that this is the result of a successful cyberattack. Mail services are still working and MSC has an IT infrastructure where many services are locally operated and hence it is unclear presently which exact IT tools are operational and which are not. For guidance, I have not received or seen an official announcement yet from MSC on this topic.

Furthermore, the company added that its social media and website were unavailable due to a network outage in one of the company’s data centers in Geneva.

Up to now, the company's website remains unavailable.

Following the industry's digitalization, many shipping lines and ports had to deal with cyber attacks. Maersk back in 2017 fell victim to a major cyber-attack caused by the NotPetya malware, which also affected many organisations globally.