Traditional classroom teaching, and simulation training are the most popular training tool for operators, with both methods reporting a high usage among respondents.


Video training is also highly used. Namely:

  • About 60% of the respondents indicated use of online e-learning in high or medium use;
  • 70% used videos;
  • Over 80% said the same for simulators;
  • At least 14% of respondents indicated that they do not employ the use of mentoring or coaching in their organization for training purposes.

Moreover, over 70% of the expect an increase in simulators and e-learning in the coming years. Almost 50% of the companies also anticipate increased mentoring and coaching to help support training.

Credit: WMU

WMU says:

It is interesting to note that an equal proportion of respondents (roughly 23%) plan to increase classroom teaching as well as decrease classroom teaching.

As far as simulator training is concerned, it is the standard when it comes to training bridge officers,

  • Over 86% of companies use simulators to train them;
  • 60% use simulators when it comes to training their engineering officers.

Credit: WMU

Finally, investment into simulation training is increasing. Of the companies that currently make use of simulation training, over 60% will increase the use of simulation for training officers in the next 5 years. None of them anticipates a decrease in use of simulation for officer training.

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