To remind, Maersk Etienne took care of three migrants that jumped overboard. The vessel rescued 27 people more than a month ago and remains in the Mediterranean awaiting a decision by governments on which port will allow their disembarkation.

The migrants have now been transferred to the ship Mare Jonio operated by the non-governmental organization Mediterranea.

Maersk Tankers issued a statement according to which

We have been increasingly concerned for the rescued persons’ physical and mental health following their prolonged stay onboard Maersk Etienne. The situation has worsened following the recent incident where three of the persons jumped overboard, and we have seen continuous issues with minor medical aliments and a recent threat to go onto hunger strike.

It is added that Maersk Etienne will proceed to a suitable port, followed by a debriefing of the crew and ensure they too get the care they need, the company said.