The Naval Dome system is the first multi-layer cyber defence solution created specifically for maritime applications.

Under the agreement, LR will conduct pilot tests using the firm’s cyber security software onboard an LR-classed vessel. According to Ran Merkazy, vice president – product & services innovation, LR, the objective of the collaboration is firstly to establish standards around cyber defence in the maritime sector and then to test it with operators.

Namely, the company's technology integrates with existing systems and software to provide real-time cyber alerts, while blocking malicious files to prevent unauthorized access to critical data and systems.

“The lack of guidelines and standards for creating a more secure maritime environment is the shipping industry’s Achilles’ heel,” says Itai Sela, CEO of Naval Dome. “With human operator error the cause of a significant number of security breaches, the MoU we have signed with Lloyd’s Register will help create a more effective end-to-end solution for cyber defence.”