Information provided by the Britannia P&I Club

2011.8.3-supertankers.jpgThe Britannia P&I Club issues bulletin regarding Loading of iron ore fines at Indian ports (pre-loading surveys) as follows:

Reference is made to the Association's bulletin of October 2009 dealing with the implementation of a precautionary survey programme and the subsequent circular of December 2010, more generally dealing with the safe shipment of iron ore fines from Indian ports including an overview of incidents involving liquefaction, obligations under the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code (IMSBC Code), specific problems encountered at Indian ports and the Managers' recommended precautions.

Members are reminded of their overriding obligation to ensure that iron ore fines cargoes to be carried comply with the IMSBC Code and the Managers continue to recommend the precautions listed

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Source: The Britannia P&I Club