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Case study: Third Engineer dies from burn injuries

The third engineer onboard an anchored capesize bulk carrier was splashed by hot sludge while opening the manhole cover of a settling tank and subsequently died from a septic shock having sustained 2nd degree burns to a large part of his body. The Britannia P&I Club analyzes the incident as part of its BSafe campaign. 

Case study: Crew member dies after falling from portable ladder onboard

An AB onboard a product tanker suffered severe injuries after falling from a portable ladder, while conducting maintenance work on the launching system for the ship’s free-fall lifeboat and later tragically died from his injuries. The Britannia P&I Club described this case study as part of its BSafe campaign. 

Philippines activates ports as crew change hubs

As part of its commitment to IMO to facilitate crew changes and achieve key worker designation for seafarers, the Philippines Department of Transportation has activated ports to serve as crew change hubs in different parts of the country.

Warning of drug smuggling incident in Mexican port

Recently, a ship had just departed a Mexican port, when two trespassers were observed throwing three packages into the water and then jumping overboard themselves. Both the packages and the trespassers were retrieved by a small craft.

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