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Guidance for safe transport of bauxite

Liberia Maritime Authority issued a Marine Advisory to provide guidance for safe transport of bauxite, including the accurate declaration on cargoes. It also presents the potential risks regarding the carriage of certain Group A bauxite in bulk due to its potential to undergo dynamic separation.

INTERCARGO warns of increased Indonesian cargo liquefaction risk

INTERCARGO issued a reminder on the wet season in Indonesia, which runs from October to April.
Those trading in the area are advised to be especially cautious when accepting cargoes from Indonesia and the surrounding region during the wet season and especially at times of heavy rainfall.

INTERCARGO: Timely investigation vital for safety enhancement

On the aftermath of the sinking of the bulk carrier ‘EMERALD STAR’, INTERCARGO notes that lessons need to be learned promptly after maritime casualties and stresses the importance of timely submission of the casualty investigation report to IMO, as a means of identifying the causes of the incident and enabling corrective actions.

UK Club warns over liquefaction risks

The bulk carrier M/V Emerald Star that sank in the Philippine Sea last week, with the loss of 10 crew members, is believed to have been carrying a cargo of nickel ore at the time, although it is too early to say whether the cargo played any role in the ship’s sinking, the UK Club announced.

Liquefaction risk remains despite export ban of mineral ore from Indonesia

The Japan P&I Club informs that a bulk carrier laden with nickel ore cargo from Indonesia to China, sank off the Philippines. As evidenced by this latest tragedy, the great reduction in the quantity of nickel ore shipped from Indonesia by the regulations has not lessened the risk of liquefaction of the relevant cargo, the Club notes and urges operators to take more precautious measures.

IMO revises circular on carriage of bauxite

During latest IMO’s Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CC4), IMO raised awareness on the hazards of bauxite cargo and updated a previous circular, noting that some bauxite cargoes (specifically those with a larger proportion of smaller particles) present a risk caused by moisture and should be treated as Group A cargoes.

IMO warns of bauxite's hazards as ship cargo

Bauxite may become unstable when carried in bulk on a ship, potentially causing the vessel to capsize, according to a new warning issued by IMO. Certain forms of bauxite with a large proportion of smaller particles could be subject to a newly-identified phenomenon of “dynamic separation” when there is excess moisture in the cargo.

Risks of bauxite top IMO agenda

IMO informed that its Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers, being held from 11 to 15 September, will consider the latest research results on the potential instability of bauxite when carried as a ship’s cargo, that may lead to changes in industry rules about how such cargoes should be handled.

West Club: Requirements for loading clay cargo in Malaysia

The West P&I Club informed that it has recently experienced a cargo liquefaction case, involving a full cargo of Ball Clay loaded in Lumut, Malaysia for discharge in Chittagong, Bangladesh, similar to another case experienced in 2013. In view of this, the Club urges operators to pay attention when loading a clay cargo.


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