Specifically, the petition was issued to The Permanent Secretary of Labor at the ILO Ship to Shore Rights Project Steering Committee meeting on November 22.

Thailand joined the Convention in early 2019 to highlight its goal in combatting exploitation and trafficking in the fishing industry, and to complement its efforts to stamp out IUU fishing. 

Yet, despite the country's efforts to ensure that all fishers are paid via an e-payment system, many are the employers that transfer and withdraw the wages themselves and continue to pay fishers in cash. Transfer statements are then used as proof of payment, effectively circumventing the regulation.


Johnny Hansen, chair of the ITF Fisheries Section challenged the Thai Government commitment to eliminating exploitation in the industry, commenting that

Fishers Rights Network (FRN) has consistently found instances of forced labor, debt bondage, high documents fees, fishers paid less than minimum wage, boats that lack clean water and adequate food supplies, and unsafe working conditions.

He added that Thailand fishers unite in protection of their rights and elimination of hard and unsafe working conditions by forming the FRN, and the ITF is proud to stand in solidarity with them in their fight for justice for all fishers