Specifically, IntelliTug was carried out in Singapore, while the trials first started back in September 2019.

These trials are Singapore's first for commercial Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) with the use of the MPA MASS regulatory sandbox, which has been established to facilitate the testing of MASS and other autonomous technologies in a safe and controlled environment at the Port of Singapore.

It is critical that we prepare the Port of Singapore for MASS. With MPA’s MASS regulatory sandbox, I am glad that Singapore can contribute to the sea trials and eventual adoption of MASS. We will be happy to share our MASS experience with other ports and coastal administrations.

...the Captain M Segar, Assistant Chief Executive (Operations) of MPA said.

With the use of human-centric technology, design-thinking and man-machine collaboration, participants developed field-testing autonomous vessels capabilities and practices towards smarter and safer operations of harbour tugs.

With the incorporation of feedback and experience from our tug masters, the smart technology developed in the IntelliTug project augments our tug masters’ situational awareness and amplifies their capabilities.

...Peter Chew, Managing Director of PSA Marine noted.

Concluding, IntelliTug sea trials are part of the MPA's MASS initiative which goals to accelerate shipping industry's R&D capability in this field and validate new MASS-related concepts of operations and technologies.