The Letter of Intent was signed on 14 November, as representatives gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Wärtsilä Acceleration Centre in Singapore.

Specific collaboration areas envisioned include the use of electric or hybrid technologies supporting the use of low-emissions energy and propulsion systems; the incorporation of next-generation smart vessel technologies; the adoption of secured connectivity to facilitate ship-to-shore data exchange; and marketing and branding activities that generate awareness.

With one dual-fuel harbour tug running on LNG already in service, and another joining the PSA Marine fleet by the end of this year, the parties have pledged to design and develop more solutions for smart and low-emissions harbour craft.

Our on-going IntelliTug project was the Centre’s first co-created initiative together with PSA Marine, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), Lloyd’s Register, and the Technology Centre for Offshore & Marine Singapore (TCOMS). This cooperation with PSA Marine is now being continued through this agreement, and we look forward to continuing our innovative and important work together,

...said Mervin Ong, Managing Director, Wärtsilä Singapore.

This is aimed to promote collaboration in support of Wärtsilä’s ambition of a Smart Marine Ecosystem that will deliver huge advances in efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

The Wärtsilä Acceleration Centre has played an important role in the IntelliTug project, which is bringing an autonomously operated harbour tug concept to feasibility. The concept is undergoing testing aboard PSA Marine’s ‘PSA Polaris’ tug.

Among the enabling technologies thus far employed are the joystick and digital control of the vessel’s azimuth thrusters, virtual anchoring to hold position, smart navigation with automatic path planning, and situational awareness for detecting and avoiding the risk of collisions.

The IntelliTug project provides facilities for testing integrated technologies and enables potential technological and holistic solutions that address needs and challenges faced by operators.

Last week, the IntelliTug partners conducted the first trials at the Port of Singapore under real-world condition.

Wärtsilä has also recently established an Expertise Centre in Singapore which has focused on asset diagnostics and remote monitoring.

The signing ceremony was attended by Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs, the Finnish Ambassador to Singapore, the Singapore Ambassador to Finland, and top executives from both Wärtsilä and PSA Marine.