The information of the existent situation was given by Cornelder (Dutch company) who manages and operates the port of Beira under a licence from the Mozambique Government.

The port was prepared for these weather conditions, therefore sustained limited damages.

Moreover, on the General Cargo Terminal the warehouses were severely affected, with roof damage and will be out of order for the next month, minimum.


Due to the cyclone, the Fenders on the quays were swept away but replacements are being installed now and this afternoon we will have two quays fully functional, with a third expected to be ready 21 March. In the meantime, the majority of debris has been removed from the terminal and is fully accessible.

On the Container Terminal no full containers were damaged as they were stacked low or in pyramid shape. The Gantry Cranes weren't affected by the storm because of extensive tie down efforts. Also, the lift cranes were severely damaged to the engine housing and repairs will still take a few days or longer.

The Cyclone affected the two twin lift cranes, as they coped with problems of water infiltration via the AC system and after drying out.

The NAVIS operating system is running in the office, and work to re-establish functionality on the terminal is expected to be concluded 20th of March.

In addition, the BGT Terminal reported damages to the Silos. However, the Terminal is to begin operations some days after March 20.

Concluding, the road to Beira is not accessible for the time being because of the flooding. The operator of Beira port awaits for the water to be lowered in order to figure out how to proceed to make the road transitable again.