Swedish Club

Rescue boat drill ended with injuries due to lack of SMS instructions

In July’s monthly safety scenario, the Swedish Club presents the case of a vessel that conducted a rescue boat drill, and resulted to an incident as the company had no specific instructions in the training manual, SMS, PMS or in any other manual on how the rescue boat should be launched.

New handbook to help crews face COVID-19

The Swedish P&I Club issued its COVID-19 handbook, providing practical advice to help both those at sea and those onshore to face the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic.

Legal implications of tankers used as floating storage

The absence of terminal and tank farm capacity has generated a growing demand for oil tankers to be used as floating storage, which is being reflected in daily hire rates, the Swedish Club noted in a new article discussing legal implications for charterers employing tankers as floating storage.

Lessons learned: Oil spill while bunkering

In its monthly safety scenario, the Swedish Club analyzes an incident of accidental oil spill while bunkering. The report highlights that the crew did not deploy the oil boom, as they thought of the cost. Therefore, the oil spread over the harbour.

Lessons learned: Grounding and collision in busy anchorage

In its Monthly Safety Scenario for April, the Swedish Club describes a case of collision after grounding in a busy anchorage area. When changing the arrival time to the pilot station, the Master altered the plans, increasing speed, and took a shortcut through the anchorage.

Proper arrival checklist crucial to prevent severe damage

Swedish Club published its latest monthly safety scenario, regarding a passenger vessel incident. During the vessel’s approach to the port, the ship stopped, leaving the Master confused. Upon check, it was noticed that the port fin was severely damaged and that the hull had a huge dent.

Coronavirus: Updated measures at main Chinese ports

Citing information from their correspondents Cao Dong at Shanghai P&I Services Ltd, the Swedish P&I Club informed of updated measures implemented at main Chinese ports amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Lessons Learned: Always double-check the passage plan

The Swedish Club’s Navigational Claims issue highlights the importance of double-checking the vessel’s passage plan to ensure that the vessel’s navigational path is correct according to all data entered into the navigational equipment. 

Cargo vessel grounds on channel buoys as no one monitors vessel position

The Swedish Club presents another collision incidents from its Navigational Claims issue, according to which a dry cargo vessel collided on channel buoys, as none of the seafarers onboard were checking the position of the vessel on the chart, radar, or by any other means than visually.