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Proper understanding of anchor equipment limitations crucial

The Swedish Club shares lessons learned from a loss of anchor incident, which took place in heavy weather. The anchor and chain were lost and the vessel was not allowed to continue its journey until the anchor and chain had been replaced.

Lessons Learned: Always keep a low speed in low visibility conditions

Swedish Club focuses on a collision incident concerning a container vessel which collided with a fishing vessel in challenging visibility conditions, with the Club highlighting that a vessel should not alter to port towards a vessel on its port bow in restricted visibility as vessel A did in this collision.

Lessons Learned: Crucial to continually evaluate ship traffic

The 2020 Navigational Claims issue by the Swedish Club, discusses a collision that took place in a river, with one of the two vessels involved having made the most crucial mistake by drifting away in the opposite fairway, affected by the weather conditions and current. 

Improper lookout leads to two vessels’ collision

The Swedish Club issued its 2020 Navigational Claims issue, focusing on a collision between two vessels, resulting to the fact that the lookout of the responsible seafarers at the time of the incident was improper, highlighting that the OOW is always responsible for reporting of any targets observed.

Lessons Learned: Improper cooperation leads to grounding

The Swedish Club issued its January Monthly Safety Scenario focusing on a vessel departing a port, dealing with windy conditions; Yet, the wind and lack of cooperation between the crewmembers resulted to the vessel grounding and crashing a buoy.

Mooring operation heavily injures crew

The Swedish Club issued its December’s monthly scenario focusing on a serious injury when during mooring operations the AB threw the heaving line to the line handler, with the monkey fist heavily hitting him on the head; The Club stresses that the mooring operations should always be in line with the instructions from their flag state, port state and ideally what is stated in the COSWP.

Case study: Lessons learned from piracy attack in Gulf of Guinea

In the wake of the recent security issues in the Gulf of Guinea, the Swedish Club presented a case study of a piracy attack onboard a laden product tanker while awaiting 20 miles outside a West African port in late night. In this case, pirates used a ladder to board the vessel from a small boat not detected on the radar.


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