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Guide launched for salvage claims in Turkish Straits

The Swedish Club launched a guide by Caglar Coskunsu at Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm about salvage claims in Turkish Straits, in order to understand the claims in Turkish Straits, how the system is operated and who the salvors are should be known.

Case study: Machinery failure caused by lubrication contamination

In its monthly Safety Scenario for October, the Swedish Club describes an incident of a ship’s engine failure due to contamination of the lubrication system. An investigation showed that the engine had been operated on a high thermal load for a long time and the turbocharger’s efficiency had been affected by fouling, while the lubrication oil had been contaminated for some time.

Lessons learned: Missing gasket causes cargo hold flooding

In its monthly safety scenario for September, the Swedish Club describes a case of cargo hold flooding which was attributed to a tank missing a gasket to the manhole. Also, the bilge sensor was broken and heavily corroded, although it had been inspected a couple of days previously and found at the time to be in good condition.

Rescue boat drill ended with injuries due to lack of SMS instructions

In July’s monthly safety scenario, the Swedish Club presents the case of a vessel that conducted a rescue boat drill, and resulted to an incident as the company had no specific instructions in the training manual, SMS, PMS or in any other manual on how the rescue boat should be launched.

New handbook to help crews face COVID-19

The Swedish P&I Club issued its COVID-19 handbook, providing practical advice to help both those at sea and those onshore to face the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic.

Legal implications of tankers used as floating storage

The absence of terminal and tank farm capacity has generated a growing demand for oil tankers to be used as floating storage, which is being reflected in daily hire rates, the Swedish Club noted in a new article discussing legal implications for charterers employing tankers as floating storage.

Lessons learned: Oil spill while bunkering

In its monthly safety scenario, the Swedish Club analyzes an incident of accidental oil spill while bunkering. The report highlights that the crew did not deploy the oil boom, as they thought of the cost. Therefore, the oil spread over the harbour.

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