Friday, May 14, 2021

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Lessons learned: Collision due to miscommunication

In its latest casebook, Swedish Club notes a case of collision between two vessels in a narrow channel. The incident  Vessel A, a capesize bulk carrier, was approaching port while fully loaded with iron ore. It had an overall length of 325 metres, a breadth of 52.5 metres and drafts of 17.8 metres. The water depth in the fairway of the port was more than 18 metres. However, the water depth to the north and south of the fairway was less than 17 metres. Vessel A was constrained by her draught and had the correct lights displayed. The fairway was about 420 metres in breadth. Pilot briefing carried out The pilot had embarked, and three tugs were lining up to connect to the vessel. The Master and pilot on vessel A had carried out a pilot briefing and the pilot had received a copy of the pilot card. It was evening with clear skies and light winds. Vessel A had a speed of 7 knots and a course of 310 degrees and both steering pumps were switched on. All navigation equipment was working. The vessel was in manual steering mode. Both X-band and S-band ARPA radars were set to north ...

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