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Lessons learned: Grounding caused by engine failure

In its Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish P&I Club describes a case of a bulk carrier grounding caused by engine failure. Shortly after departing port, a main engine slowdown alarm was triggered due to a loss of cooling water in the main engine. The Master ordered half head, but there was no response from the engine. 

Containers lost overboard: Key loss prevention tips

Amid an alarming trend of containers lost overboard, the Swedish P&I Club issued a report providing guidance on planning and loading the containers, such as the containers’ stowage plan, dimensions, weights, and stability.

Wrongly stowed container leads to fire

In January’s monthly report, the Swedish Club reports of an incident where a container that although was allowed to be loaded in the cargo hold, it should not have been loaded below deck or in the position it was stowed in, led to a fire.

Lessons learned: Crew member dies from burn injuries in pump room

In its Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club describes a case of a crew fatality onboard due to severe burn injuries. The incident occurred in a pump room during ventilation. When the fan was plugged in, there were some sparks which ignited the combustible gas which was in a pocket of the corner.

Guide launched for salvage claims in Turkish Straits

The Swedish Club launched a guide by Caglar Coskunsu at Cavus & Coskunsu Law Firm about salvage claims in Turkish Straits, in order to understand the claims in Turkish Straits, how the system is operated and who the salvors are should be known.

Case study: Machinery failure caused by lubrication contamination

In its monthly Safety Scenario for October, the Swedish Club describes an incident of a ship’s engine failure due to contamination of the lubrication system. An investigation showed that the engine had been operated on a high thermal load for a long time and the turbocharger’s efficiency had been affected by fouling, while the lubrication oil had been contaminated for some time.

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