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AB severely injured during mooring lines operation

In the October issue of Monthly Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club focuses on a safety incident, where an AB was hit by mooring lines during the vessel’s departure, collapsing in pain, and transferred to the hospital with severe back injuries.

Masters should be able to handle security issues

In light of the ‘Advice to Masters’ brochure that the Swedish Club published, the Master has to be fully informed of security regulations and how to handle any incidents of piracy and security.

Bad weather, lack of clear procedures lead to grounding

The Swedish Club presents a case, which started off as a routine job with clearing the lower starboard sea-chest from ice, and ended with grounding. This case shows how bad weather conditions and a lack of clear procedures made this journey end with evacuation and towing.

Potential terror alert reported for Port of Mundra and Kandla

The port authorities, based on specific intel inputs by the security services, have cautioned all Merchant Shipping operating in and around the Gulf of Kutch and in particular Kandla and Mundra ports on the possibility of underwater attacks by potential terror organisations.

Tanker on anchorage runs aground because of a category 2 typhoon

In September’s monthly scenario, the Swedish club reports of a tanker that was run aground because of the typhoon. The vessel was anchored off an Asian port when a category 2 typhoon led to the wind increasing to more than Beaufort scale 12. The crew abandoned the vessel, while there were no injuries or pollution reported. 

South Africa does not allow stowaways to land in its ports

As the Swedish Club informed, no stowaways will be allowed to be landed in South African ports, according to a new sharpened policy from the immigration authority. Any person declared as a stowaway will have to be removed on route or at the next port of call outside South Africa.

US increases sanctions against Venezuela

On 5th August, President Trump issued Executive Order 13884, reinforcing sanctions against Venezuela. The order targets the government of Venezuela and blocks all its assets and property in the US, while prohibiting the Venezuelan government to use the US financial system.


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