The resolution calls governments, maritime administrations and the industry to endeavour to reach a barrier-free environment for women, boosting women presence in the maritime sector, and enabling women to fully and safely participate without hindrance in the activities of the maritime community, including seafaring and shipbuilding activities.


Additionally, governments and maritime administrations should find ways to overcome barriers in the whole maritime sector, paying great attention to recruitment, promotion, training, capacity-building and technical cooperation.

Creating a barrier-free environment for women will help facilitate the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on gender equality.

Moreover, IMO proposes that the industry should create a free environment, following a year of actions to "empower women in the maritime community". 

Additionally, the resolution addresses testimonies of women across the various maritime industries which represent the fact that barriers and obstacles exist at every level.

The work towards gender equality, including the fostering of a safe environment for women in the maritime sector, remains incomplete and should continue to be pursued.

The resolution, also, encourages:

  1. sharing of best practices in achieving gender equality.
  2. efforts to collect, consolidate and analyse data relating to the participation of women in the maritime sector, in order to establish an evidentiary foundation that will set baselines
  3. identify gaps and inform policies aimed at removing barriers and increasing female participation in the sector.
  4. encourages IMO, and its relevant subsidiary bodies to take into consideration gender equality, including the fostering of a safe environment for women in the maritime sector, and integrate these considerations into their work.
  5. open dialogue and wider engagement between the Member States and observer delegations is encouraged.