Specifically, Human Rights At Sea charity published a study 'In their own words' in order to publicly claim and present the seafarers' experience.


The crew of Halani 1 is facing serious problems, such as unpaid wages, physical and mental health problems, as also two alleged suicides over the non-payment, according to the study.

Yet, the last two weeks the vessel's Master has communicated with the charity, because the issue of payment of wages has not been rectified and P&I cover has lapsed.

Welfare support has been provided by The Mission to Seafarers with Ben Bailey, Director of Advocacy and Regional Engagement reported that the charity is concerned for the seafarers' mental health, which is being declined day by day.

The crew have been let down on multiple occasions and have had promises of full wages and repatriation consistently broken. We urgently call on all parties to work together to find a solution.

Moreover, Bailey continued that the seafarers should be repatriated and return to their families.

David Hammond, Founder and Trustee of Human Rights at Sea stated that the charity will continue showcase abusive labor and human rights practices from the first-hand perspective of seafarers.

In addition, seafarers support that they are being held against their will as they have completed their contracts.

Concluding, one seafarer from Halani 1 noted:

We have been on board too long. The morale of the crew has been running low and the mental health is not good. Frequent arguments on issues, loss of temper at even the slightest excuse and general indifferent attitude are all part of our everyday lives.

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