The issue of four Greek seafarers remaining stranded off Djibouti has spurred opposition within the Greek government, with the opposition raising the case in the parliament on Monday.

A total of five crew were detained on two ships, in early September off Djibouti, after the ships were seized over the shipowner's debts.

On 15 January, the Chief Engineer of the bulk carrier 'Ptolemeos' was hospitalized, while the other four remain stranded onboard.

As soon as we were informed of the fact, we informed the competent services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with whom we work in cooperation and coordination, as well as the competent Advisory Authorities, to form the common plan of our actions,

...the Greek Minister said.

Resolving this issue is the first priority for the political leadership of the Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy. Because our priority is to safeguard the safety of our seafarers along the earth. Our efforts are continuous on many levels...In cooperation with the responsible Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are ready to take any initiative to get our sailors back as soon as possible. We will continue with even greater intensity.

In addition, Mr. Plakiotakis listed the actions taken so far. Among others, the Greek Consul in Djibouti is in constant contact with the authorities, pressing for the return of seafarers.

In addition, the Greek Embassy's spokesman in Addis Ababa visited Djibouti and met with the Foreign Relations Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I have also asked the Greek Permanent Representative in Geneva to inform, and have informed, the International Labor Office, reporting the problem and pointing out the violation by the Djibouti Port Authority.

The French Embassy, the ITF representative in Greece, the EU Delegation in Djibouti, as well as the ILO's database on seafarers' abduction have also been informed.