Under a outsourcing agreement with the Japan Coast Guard, Fujitsu conducted the trials at the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center, which provides navigation support services.

The Coast Guard from its side, conducted field trials to verify the effectiveness of this technology in improving the safety of marine traffic by detecting collision risks early and optimizing the timing of sharing information to the vessels.

Moreover, Fujitsu focused on AI technology use, demonstrating its usefulness in detecting collision risks early and minimizing the danger of such accidents.

 Leveraging Fujitsu Human Centric AI Zinrai developed by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., this technology can detect near misses between vessels and predict areas where collision risks are concentrated in the Tokyo Bay. By applying this technology to the Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system(2) used in maritime traffic control operations, Fujitsu has confirmed that it can contribute to the risk prevention of vessels and improve maritime traffic safety.

....Fujitsu said in its statement.

Starting in April 2020, Fujitsu goals to advance its business structure concerning safe navigation support while boost the use of AI technology in marine traffic control and offer safe navigation for operating vessels.

During the trials of the project there were six experienced maritime traffic control operation controllers and instructors, control tasks based on past near miss accidents were simulated to demonstrate the effectiveness of practical operations.

As the company further informed, the AI technology shortens the operation time by approximately two minutes and enables accurate, consistent operation regardless of the controllers' experience, ensuring safe maritime traffic.

Concluding, based on the field trial results, Fujitsu will continue to collaborate with the Japan Coast Guard to improve the technology. Accordingly, the company aims to offer services for maritime traffic control as well as services to support safe navigation for operating vessels in the near future.