It is able to keep the entire Bridge Team up-to-date regardless of which of the varying 38 manufacturers of ECDIS currently circulating the industry.

ECDIS ACATS ensures that the Officers are:

  • Up to date every year with any changes to the make and model of the ECDIS onboard,
  • Understand the key functions for safe navigation,
  • Prepared for PSC or an independent audit or inspection,
  • Refreshed annually in their knowledge of key menus and operational capability of the ECDIS, and
  • Company compliant in ECDIS through annual assessments.

George Ward, Project Support for ECDIS ACATS, which is based in ECDIS Ltd, Hampshire, states that

“ECDIS ACATS is an effective assurance method of assisting the Maritime Industry as a whole to increase their underpinning knowledge in the Make and Model of their ECDIS fitted onboard and to keep up-to-date with the constantly evolving software from all the manufacturers worldwide. This product also allows the Ship Manager or Operator to have positive control over their Officers Annual Competency Assurance with regards to ECDIS, which in turn would reduce their training safety matrix for navigating with ECDIS.”

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Source & Image credit: ECDIS