25 ways to be a better navigator

Safe navigation requires from professional navigators to keep themselves up to date with new regulations, practices, technology and information sources. Celebrating release of the 25th edition of The Navigator, The Nautical Institute shared key points highlighted over the years.

Transport Malta investigation: Ship’s grounding linked to bank effect

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on the grounding of the Maltese-registered container ship ‘APL Danube’ in April 2019. The investigation revealed that the route on the ECDIS had been deactivated, while the Captain was away from the console during ship’s manoeuvre.

First solution fully compliant with latest cyber security rules

Wärtsilä announced that it has been awarded a DNV GL type-approval certificate and cyber security certification by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for its Translink solution, part of the company’s connected ECDIS concept.

Lessons Learned: Always double-check the passage plan

The Swedish Club’s Navigational Claims issue highlights the importance of double-checking the vessel’s passage plan to ensure that the vessel’s navigational path is correct according to all data entered into the navigational equipment. 

GPS smoothing: How to remove discrepancies in received positions

Knowing exactly where we are at each time is a key component of safe navigation and the use of GPS and ECDIS provide this capability nowadays, but the continuing trend to rely solely on this means of navigation rather than to cross-check with other independent and reliable navigation techniques introduces a significant risk, CHIRP notes.

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