During his first posting, between 2011 and 2016, Akizumi Miura oversaw the society’s market share in Germany quadruple, from less than 2% to about 8%.

When we opened a survey department in Hamburg, it allowed us to provide our European customers with the same level of quality as our clients in Japan – without the time difference. It meant we could deliver the responsive service for which ClassNK is renowned. We are much better known in Germany today. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement,

...explains Mr Miura.

The Hamburg office manages a higher percentage of marine material and component surveys than the society’s other offices outside Asia which Mr Miura sees as a product of Germany’s advanced scientific and technological capabilities.

It reflects the heritage of the nation that gave us the diesel engine and is a major factor supporting its maritime industry today.

Mr Miura also witnessed the boom in Turkey’s shipping industry in a two-year posting with ClassNK’s office in Istanbul at the turn of the millennium. During the period between his posting in Istanbul and his first spell in Hamburg, Mr. Miura headed bulk carrier safety in Tokyo at a time when regulators were overhauling construction rules.

Owners were struggling to keep up with the changes, so we developed guidance to help them grasp the bigger picture which at the same time assisted our field surveyors. These efforts reinforced our reputation in that sector.