In fact, China's coastal terminals are turning busy again, as large vessels, heavy cranes and container trucks are being operated.

"Ports in China, the world’s manufacturing center, are key to the global supply chain. The smooth operation and delivery of resources and materials is a matter of life and death during a global pandemic"...said Zhou Dequan, director of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute’s domestic shipping research office.

At the moment, Chinese ports are playing a vital role against the coronavirus battle, as they provide unimpeded and sustained gateway services while keep international trade moving.

"Chinese ports continue to promote industry development and accelerate the construction of smart ports through scientific and technological innovation. Chinese experience and wisdom on port development contribute a lot to this global industry" Chen Yingming, executive vice president of China Ports and Harbors Association told to Xinhua.

For the records, Shanghai International Port Group has returned to its daily operating capacity reaching more than 90% of its normal level.

At the same time, Zhejiang province’s Ningbo Zhoushan Port, the world’s largest port has also restored most of its handling capacity.

According to Zhoushan officials, all Chinese terminals struggled to stay operational even during the most rough part of the contagion.

Overall, it is of critical importance for China to further supply anti-epidemic medical materials all around the world so as to help other countries resume production and deal with the virus.