In the past, SAFETY4SEA focused on 2018's major cyber attacks and their impact in the industry, as for example Cosco's cyber attack that shocked the maritime sector.

To protect shipowners and shipping companies from cyber attacks, Bureau Veritas presents two cyber notations:

  1. Cyber Managed: ideal for in-service vessels that often implement, manually-operated cyber protection checks. With this notation, owners can be sure that their IT and OT systems have been detailed evaluated, the safety procedures are in place and also the crew members and personnel have the expertise needed, after being properly trained.
  2. Cyber Secure: It applies to newbuild vessels and provides a detailed, automated onboard and onshore cyber protection measures. This notation is in line with Cyber Managed notation and provides owners with additional security measures, concerning automatic digital updates, procedures and system checks. 

In 2018, Bureau Veritas launched new guidelines to enhance cyber security on vessels and shipping companies, and so that operators can have a tool to help them comply with regulatory requirements, safeguard their crews and protect their assets from cyber attacks.