Baleària further noted that the above-mentioned system boosts several tank trailers to operate at the same time when supplying LNG to a vessel.

The operation was carried out on 29 December, 2019 where two trucks were used with a transfer speed of 95 cbm/h and an approximately unloading time of one hour.

Credit: Twitter

Natural gas has been supplied to Baleària's smart newbuild ship "Hypatia de Alejandría" which for the moment operates on the route between Valencia, Ibiza and Palma.

For the records, the MTTS is considered to be much faster in comparison to the traditional truck to ship way, where a single truck is used.

As the ferry company successfully accomplished the testing of the MTTS system, it further plans to set it on use on a daily basis after gaining the Port of Valencia's approval.

Concluding, Baleària is the first LNG bunker supply in Spain which uses the MTTS system at the port of Huelva.