According to the circular, when a PSC inspection indicated deficiencies which do not warrant a detention this Administration may require the following:

  • Additional Safety Management Certificate (SMC) audit.
  • Occasional survey.
  • Additional Document of Compliance (DoC) audit or both.

The additional SMC audit should be in the scope of an initial SMC audit.  The scope of the occasional survey should be equal to the Mandatory Annual Statutory Surveys.

An additional DoC audit verifies the course of actions taken by the operator for the rectification of the reported deficiencies and to check the following:

  • Company's SMS root cause analysis with regard of Port Sate Control, Flag State Inspection or third party deficiencies.
  • Corrective actions taken in the light of the ISM Code to avoid the recurrence of the reported deficiencies.
  • Preventive actions taken to avoid potential non conformities generated by PSC, FSI or third party deficiencies on the Company’s fleet.

The results of the investigation should be reported to this Administration by the Recognized Organization.