To remind, the Athos project -Amsterdam-IJmuiden CO2 Transport Hub & Offshore Storage- is a collaboration between the above mentioned companies, in efforts to research into CO2 capture, transport, storage and reuse (CCUS, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage) in the North Sea Canal area, resulting that a CCUS network is technically feasible.

The first step towards a joint development agreement for year 2020 is the expression of interest, which will make clear which companies are interested in using the foreseen ATHOS transport and storage network in order to store captured CO2 and/or make CO2 available for usage as a feedstock, or use CO2 as a feedstock.

Except of the questionnaire that the interested companies will fill, a non disclosure agreement will be signed with companies that will be asked to fill out the detailed questionnaire.

The Port also informs that taking part in the 'Expression of Interest" request does not come with any obligation or rights. The EoI is open until December 31 of this year and after the deadline has closed, Athos will study and process all information collected. All information is treated confidentially.


In addition, a request of information that has been issued, has information into the ideal locations for CO2 storage under the Dutch North Sea at a depth of 3 to 5 km.

Concluding, the request to provide information is aimed at experienced stakeholders from the oil and gas sector; Yet, Athos also invites any party that is able to provide relevant information to submit it.