Specifically, Gard, on behalf of the shipping company Opilio AS engaged the salvage company SMIT Salvage to carry out the work. In the beginning of the removal operation, the salvage company found out that the grounded vessel suffered more damage than what they initially expected.

Therefore, because of delays and challenging ice and weather conditions, Gard and the salvage company agreed that the removal operation has to be conducted next year.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration adheres to the order for removal, and follows this up further when Gard presents a new plan for the work.

The trawler Northguider ran aground on December 28 2019, with 14 crew on board. The vessel begun taking in water and the Captain called for help. After than, two helicopters rescued the crew. Following the grounding of the vessel, salvors onboard a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel began preparations to remove the vessel in extra caution, as the vessel grounded in the Arctic, a sensitive area where an oil spill could lead to serious pollution.