Two LNG-powered tankers complete NSR passage

Two large-capacity Sovcomflot tankers using cleaner-burning LNG as a primary fuel, Mendeleev Prospect and Lomonosov Prospect, have successfully completed voyages eastbound along the Northern Sea Route (NSR).

377 vessels may operate in the US Arctic by 2030

A newly-launched report provides information on the past and present activity patterns in the northern U.S. Arctic and surrounding waters around the Bering Strait, while also projects if the number of vessels sailing in the Arctic region in the future will be increased by 2030, examining four scenarios.

Russia wants to attract shippers to Arctic, competing Suez

Russia is considering of attracting more shippers to transmit their products through the Northern Sea route, by launching a state-run container ship operator, which will cover any risks linked with transporting international cargoes via the Arctic’s icy waters, including possible delivery disruptions and higher insurance payments.

Arctic conditions delay salvage operation for trawler until 2020

The removal of the Northguider trawler that grounded in early 2019, in a in the Hinlopen Strait, has been postponed for next year as announced by the Norwegian Coastal Administration, as the salvage company found out that the grounded vessel suffered more damage than what they initially expected. 

EU commits to help the Arctic adapt to climate change

In view of the challenges facing the Arctic due to global warming, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden Ann Linde, and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella, stated that the EU is strongly committed to helping the region adapt to climate change.

Arctic councils join forces to save the Arctic

The Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council conduct their first joint meeting in Reykjavik, October 9, bringing together stakeholders to discuss the future of Arctic, marine transportation and blue economy.Earlier this year, the two councils signed a Memorandum of Understanding, setting the base on how the two Councils can better cooperate on their shared goals.

Norway locates new rescue base in Tromsø

The Norwegian Government announced that it will set a new location for a new search and rescue base to Tromsø, following the increased use of shipping in the Arctic. Tromsø is located on the northern coast to the Norwegian Sea, an addition to another two rescue bases in northern Norway; one in Bodø and the SAR helicopter base at Banak airport in Finnmark.

NSR shipping increases by 40% in 2019

Nikolay Monko, the head of Russia’s Northern Sea Route Administration, commented that the volume of products being transmitted through the NSR is expected to reach 29 million tons in course of 2019.

Scientists encounter vast methane emission in Arctic Waters

Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University along with other Russian Universities and research centres are part of the Eastern Arctic expedition and recently recorded a big amount of methane emission in the area of East Siberian Sea.


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