''In accordance with the Club’s bye-laws, Members are required to notify the Managers before agreeing to carry a cargo of nickel ore to ensure that they are fully acquainted with the risks beforehand and so that any concerns regarding the contractual terms of carriage may be addressed. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Managers, Members are also required to appoint a surveyor at the load port to provide assistance to the Master. Failure to fulfil these requirements may prejudice cover.'' The Club says in a statement.

In particular, the Club advises operators who plan to fix or charter a ship to load nickel ore from ports in Indonesia and the Philippines, or where under an existing fixture a ship is ordered to load such cargo, that they are obliged to contact the Managers at the earliest opportunity and, where possible, provide the following information:

  • Ship name
  • Port/anchorage of loading and estimated time of arrival
  • Date of intended loading
  • Charterer/shipper’s details
  • Agent’s details
  • Copy of the shipper’s cargo declaration and supporting certificates

This will enable the Managers to provide operators with relevant information on measures that might be taken to reduce the risk as set out in the attached summary, such as the appointment of a local surveyor to assist the Master, the testing of cargo samples by a reliable independent laboratory and the appointment of an expert, not necessarily to attend in person, but to liaise and supervise the local surveyor throughout.

These measures may reduce the risks inherent in the carriage of nickel ore cargoes but are not a guarantee of safety.

Further information regarding the safe carriage of nickel ore cargoes may be found by reading a circular issued by the International Group of P&I Club.