As explained in the video, companies have as a priority solving the three challenges they face: productivity, labor relations, and profitability in order to survive, keeping in mind that safety is also part of this equation.

To overcome the challenges, companies should work together, share attitudes and ways of doing things, meaning that organizational culture is the base of a company's safety culture.

What role does safety play in all this?

Safety is a key issue.

It's necessary to identify the most important risk.

To prevent any accidents, setting safety levels means establishing how things should be done.

Therefore, safety culture helps you address the most important risks by linking technical factors, rules and procedures with the know-how of staff.

Moreover, culture, organisation and safety are linked and play an important role to a company's overall performance.

Concluding, developing a corporate safety culture is of a great importance for companies, as it concerns:

  1. Quality;
  2. Dialogue;
  3. Safety;
  4. Productivity;
  5. Profitability.