The LNG vessel, Gaslog Saratoga, began its voyage from Sabine Pass Port, USA and was heading to Turkey carrying 150.080 M3 LNG. The grounding of the vessel, caused the immediate operation of Heraklion's Hellenic Coastguard to rescue the crew members. Along with the HCG, followed two patrol boats, five navy tugs, one boat and one vessel from the fire department, while from coast came a police car.


The vessel was safely detached with the help of the above vessels and then anchored with the help of a patrol boat while all 33 crewmembers were safe.

A diver did an autopsy concerning the incident and found out that the vessel ran aground in a shallow part of the sea, approximately 330 m from the coast. The diver also informed that there was no water pollution.

Finally, Heraklion's HCG commanded the non departure of the LNG vessel until it was given a class certification addressing its security to sail.