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Pasha Bulker beaching: A mix of poor SMS, fatigue and bad weather

It is almost 12 years since the bulk carrier ‘Pasha Bulker’ came out at the Nobbys Beach of New South Wales offering an unusual spectacle for local people. The incident is an interesting case study of inadequate communication, inefficient SMS, poor judgement due to fatigue and the objective cause of extreme weather conditions.

Collisions the most common marine incidents, Japan reports

Japan Transport Safety Board informed that it launched 922 investigations in 2017. The majority of these cases included collisions, while 1,199 vessels were involved in the accidents, most of which were fishing vessels and pleasure boats. Of the 922 investigations launched in 2017, 216 were cases of collision, 182 cases of grounding; 138 cases of fatality/injury; and 104 cases of contact.

Miscommunication leads to bulk carrier grounding

The German Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation published its report on the Panama-registered bulk carrier Glory Amsterdam, which ran aground about 1.6 nm north of the German North Sea island of Langeoog. The BSU reported that the ship’s command of the Glory Amsterdam had not unequivocally understood the Nordic’s mission and legal basis upon which she was operating at the scene

Solomon Trader could be refloated soon

The bulk carrier Solomon Trader is possible to be refloated and towed from the reef at Lavagu Bay, West Rennell, Solomon Islands. The operation could take place within a couple of weeks. The Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’ was loading bauxite when it ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay, Rennell Island, on 4 February, causing an environmental disaster. 

Harvest Caroline: A case study on improper safety management

Several maritime casualties have been attributed to ISM-associated issues. SAFETY4SEA chose to focus today on the grounding of the general cargo ship ‘Harvest Caroline’ which constitutes an interesting case study of how inconsistent implementation of ISM can lead to unpleasant situations. 

Tanker runs aground off Petit Bois Island

An oil tanker ran aground near Petit Bois Island, a barrier island off the coast of Pascagoula, on April 21. The vessel was reportedly carrying 21 million gallons of Colombian crude oil, but according to sources it was successfully refloated on April 22. As of now there are no signs of pollution, but pollution responders and investigators are searching the incident area, while also monitoring the tank level for any indications that the tank is leaking.

Lessons Learned: Bridge should not be left unattended

In its newly published Safety Digest, UK MAIB focuses on an incident of a small general cargo that was grounded when its bridge was left unattended. The grounding woke the crew. A survey at the discharge port revealed that the vessel had extensive damage and it was removed from service for several months.

Tanker runs aground in Greek waters

A small tanker ran aground in the morning hours of Saturday, in a rocky shallow, while underway at the Aegean Sea, near the port of Gavrio, Andros Island, Greece,  according to information provided by the Hellenic Coast Guard. 

Solomon Trader oil spill worse than first thought

The salvage operation from the grounded bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’, which ran aground on 4 February at a Unesco World Heritage site in the Solomon Islands, completed over the weekend, but the oil spill is worse than first thought, its owner King Trader said. 

Resolve Marine to oversee ‘Solomon Trader’ salvage

Korea Protection and Indemnity Club (KP&I) appointed the American salvage company Resolve Marine to oversee the ‘Solomon Trader’ response in the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific ocean. The Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘Solomon Trader’ was loading bauxite when it ran aground due to unexpected gale at Kangava Bay. 


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