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Passenger vessel runs aground in Finland

Viking’s Line ferry “MS Amorella” has run aground in the Baltic Sea off Åland, Finland carrying onboard approximately 200 passengers and 80 crewmembers.

ATSB investigation: Bulk carrier grounding after electrical blackout

The Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier Bulk India ran aground in 2018 in a channel during its departure from Dampier, Western Australia when it lost steering and propulsion due to a total electrical blackout from a failed generator. The ATSB issued an investigation report on the incident.

Mauritius police authorities arrest MV Wakashio captain

Following the “MV Wakashio” grounding incident, which spilled approximately 1.000 tonnes off Mauritius, region’s police authorities arrested the bulk carrier’s captain for endangering the safe navigation of a vessel, an offense under Mauritian maritime laws.

Watch: MV Wakashio breaks in two off Mauritius coast

Following the Japanese bulk carrier’s “MV Wakashio” grounding off the Mauritius coast on 25 July, region’s authorities informed that the vessel has now broken apart, spilling even more oil into the sea.

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