“With the potential for a tropical storm and rip currents in our area, our overall concern is ensuring the safety of everyone on the water because you can never turn your back on the ocean,” said Capt. Jason Tama, Deputy of Coast Guard Sector New York. “We want to stress the importance of safety to all mariners, personal watercraft users, and beachgoers as this weather system passes through our region.”

Mariners are warned to take the following precautions to protect their vessels and their crews:

  • Check bridge schedules for any changes and plan ahead accordingly.
  • If a storm is approaching, do not go out to sea.
  • Double-check lines securing your boat if it is moored up and take precautions for items stored loosely aboard.
  • Contact local marinas for advice on how best to secure your vessel.
  • Ensure that you have the proper signaling devices onboard your vessel and the correct amount of life jackets onboard.
  • Have a float plan in place before getting underway.