The platoon of 50 women, from the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, still performed most exercises apart from the men, but they joined together for larger training missions.

For about 70 years, females arriving at Marine Corps boot camp have learned to fire rifles, slide down ropes, and sprint through obstacle courses while separated from men.

Per the training order, platoons, both male and female, are the primary formation for initial training, and they progressively combine for larger training events as the program continues. This model enables appropriate acclimation to the training environment, development of relationships with drill instructors, and focus during the transformation of young women and men into United States Marines,

...the US Marine Corps said in an official statement.

A lack of female recruits during the winter training cycle made it more practical to shut down the all-female battalion at Parris Island and roll the remaining 50 women into a male battalion, a marine official said to New York Times.

The US Marine Coprs added that company staff continue to be of both genders, and the platoon staff will continue to be comprised of Drill Instructors of the same gender as the recruits.

This training cycle of about 300 recruits will provide Recruit Depot staff a unique opportunity to assess outcomes, achievements and challenges in training, logistics and resource impacts of this company training model.