The UK Government will cooperate with industry bodies and businesses, and will publish a call for evidence that will provide a framework for engagement. An expert panel will also be appointed, Mr Grayling said.

“We need a clear path for the future, we need a strong partnership between this industry and government – and we’re calling it Maritime 2050,” he said of the concept, which was launched in September at London International Shipping Week. Maritime 2050 is going to be a blueprint that will harness our strengths as a nation, that will help us understand how we reach our full potential, and how we demonstrate our ambition to be a world maritime leader. This is the opportunity for us to position the industry to meet the challenges ahead, and to create a sustainable long-term future for UK maritime,” Grayling stated. 

Furthermore, the UK Maritime 2050 strategy will have as key points, trade, technology, infrastructure, the environment, skills, safety and regulation, security and resilience. 

Chris Grayling also recognised the contribution of UK seafarers to the nation's economy, and the Royal Navy’s role in maintaining maritime security and protecting world trade.