Overview on ballast water exemptions requirements

ballast-waterThe UK Chamber of Shipping hosted a successful joint forum with the UK Major Ports Group and the British Port Association on the Ballast Water Convention on 25 September.

The forum focused on Ballast Water Excemptions - Exemptions and the Role of Ports in the Implementation of the Convention. The guest speakers included regulators, scientists, manufacturers and consultants.

With the Ballast Water Management Convention entry into force being imminent, the forum brought together a broad spectrum of delegates including ship operators, regulators, ports, Interferry, the International Chamber of Shipping and OSPAR. More than 50 attendees had the opportunity to discuss and raise concerns on the challenges that short sea shipping in particular will face upon the Convention's entry into force.

The presentations made during the forum provided an overview on ballast water exemptions requirements and compliance options in the UK along with the current work being done on non-native species for the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. The forum also considered the practical considerations of exemptions and the impacts of the Convention on UK ports. In exploring the options for ballast water treatment, Mobile Ballast Water Treatment Discharge Technology was discussed as an alternative of compliance. Finally a cost benefit comparison of alternative methods of compliance was illustrated.

The forum heard that the MCA took this forum as an opportunity to find out the short sea industry's expectations. Concerns were raised from the audience on the slow progress and uncertainties on the development of UK policy for international short sea shipping and domestic shipping.

The successful and informative day was followed by a networking event and reception with wine and canapés courtesy of Damen Shipyards Gorinchem, Intertek & PML Applications Ltd.

Source: UK Chamber of Shipping