The first incident involved the Cyprus-flagged tugboat 'Union Topaz'. While the tug boat towing the backhoe dredger 'Magnor' was underway about 5 nm westnorth-west of Nipa island, Indonesia, two perpetrators boarded the dredger.

Two wooden boats were sighted alongside the backhoe dredger.

The master shone light at the backhoe dredger, and the two perpetrators escaped via the wooden boats. The crew was safe and no items were stolen.

The second incident involved the Malaysian-flagged tugboat 'Vector 1'. While the tug boat towing barge was underway off Tanjung Piai, Malaysia, three to four perpetrators boarded the barge.

The master reported the incident to Singapore VTIS who informed the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). The crew was safe and no items were stolen.

The report contains another incident reported outside Asia, involving the Singaporean-flagged crude oil tanker 'Torm Hilde', while at Jose Terminal Anchorage, Venezuela.

While at anchor, the duty AB spotted six perpetrators onboard during his round on bridge wing.

The alarm was raised and the perpetrators escaped. A search on board the ship was later conducted. All seals and doors were found secured.

The crew was not injured and nothing was stolen.

The ReCAAP ISC urges ship master and crew to report all incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships to the nearest coastal State and flag State, exercise vigilance and adopt relevant preventive measures taking reference from the Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia.