The DCSA T&T standard includes an information model and interface standards, aiming to ensure that track and trace data definitions are consistent for all users, leveraging any system. These definitions are based on the Industry Blueprint, published by DCSA and its carrier members in 2019, which established a consistent vocabulary and proposed a common set of industry processes.


For shippers, this new standard aims to simplify shipment visibility across multiple carriers, enabling them to better plan and optimize shipment handling activities. For carriers, it will unify T&T information sharing with other parties, ensuring accurate and efficient communication regardless of the underlying technology or platform. For the industry, the DCSA T&T standard will set a new bar for collaboration that focuses on delivering a great customer experience while improving efficiencies for all stakeholders in the supply chain.

In addition, rhe DCSA T&T standard publication comprises a set of documents:

The DCSA Information Model 1.0;

DCSA Information Model 1.0

T&T Data Interface 1.0;

T&T Data Interface 1.0

DCSA-to-UN/CEFACT Data Mapping and associated Reading Guides.

DCSA-to-UN/CEFACT Data Mapping and associated Reading Guides

We are thrilled to introduce T&T standards for the industry that enable its customers to reduce complexity, cut costs and, over time, better manage their end-to-end supply chains. As DCSA standards are technology- and vendor-neutral, every organisation providing shipment tracking information to its customers today will benefit by adopting our T&T standard, because it will simplify data integration with carriers and improve information quality

said Thomas Bagge, CEO of DCSA.