Keeping in mind that drill performance onboard ships is the most vital element of a successful emergency response, the Club provides the tips below:

  • Agree a time for the drill, preferably different to the last one and discuss the scenario.
  • Prepare the areas where exercises will take place
  • Placing signs denoting fire location
  • Place signs denoting hot-spots
  • If you have an artificial smoke generator on board, set it up
  • If you don’t have a smoke generator – post signs describing smoke conditions (light, thick, colour etc)
  • Decide on who will be a casualty. You may want to have more than one. Make sure they are instructed not to show up at muster. If you have a dummy to act as a casualty, place it in the laundry.
  • Decide how the drill will be initiated and by who (manual call point activation or smoke detector)
  • Don’t make access too easy – if the area is often obstructed, recreate those conditions