Sunday, June 20, 2021

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Drill Bits: Abandon Ship!

Abandon ship drills are an important aspect to ensure safety onboard, even in times of crisis. While these drills are commonly taking place along with other drills, such as fire drills, knowing how to properly act when an abandon ship situation occurs can really save lives. For this reason, John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive, North P&I Club, shares vital information on how to ensure a safe and efficient abandon ship drill.

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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on digitalization and safety reporting

Many are those questioning whether digitalization has a positive effect on safety in terms of ship/shore communication; whether it has managed to meet regulatory compliance and has improved accurate reporting from ship to shore and backwards.  As such, in our Sea Sense column this time, in association with The North of England P&I Club, we ask global experts to make their assessment

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