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CO2 systems risk awareness crucial to prevent accidents

As the North P&I Club highlights, a recent incident that caused the deaths of ten people on board a vessel, has pinpointed the dangers of not fully understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems. To prevent similar incidents, North suggests that it is critical for all persons involved to be aware of the risks.

Safe working on CO2 systems

David Patterson, Loss Prevention Executive, North P&I Club discusses of a recent incident that resulted with the loss of ten people onboard a vessel, highlighting what the dangers are when not fully-understanding the operation of fixed CO2 systems.

Human error is not a root cause

Alvin Forster Deputy Director (Loss Prevention) of North P&I Club focuses on today’s common thought that 80% of accidents are caused by human error, highlighting that the industry has to further investigate behind the human error and see why someone did something wrong.

Safety Management 2.0: A Sea Change in Approach

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA Athens Conference, Mr. John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive at North Club, focused on a new safety approach called Safety Management 2.0. This highlights a current problem in shipping where company’s management systems are mainly based on complex procedures alone often forgetting the human element.

Detentions for ‘illegal anchoring’ in Indonesia continue

Vessels continue to be detained by Indonesian authorities while at anchor in waters around the island of Bintan. The ships believed that they had anchored at OPL Singapore, but had in fact anchored within Indonesian territorial waters. Earlier in the year, North Clun had informed that an increasing number of vessels are being detained by Indonesian authorities while at anchor in the waters around the island of Bintan.

Factors to match a BWMS with vessel’s operational demand

North P&I Club focuses on the various types of ballast water treatment systems that are currently on the market or are being developed; The second guide that the Club launched discusses the different systems, the methods and operations conducted and factors that a shipowner should keep in mind to match the BWMS with the vessel’s operational demands.

Four challenges hiding in BWMS

Ballast Water Management Systems aim to ocean protection; Nevertheless, these systems hide many operational and commercial risks. Given that 8 September 2024 marks the deadline for complying with IMO ballast water regulations shipowners should face the existing challenges and find solutions. 

Haiti ports remain unsafe for vessels

North P&I Club alerts of the situation in Haiti following the continuous riots and civil disorders that affect the ports’ operations and cause disruptions. The Club advises all shipowners to follow up the updates in order to know how to proceed with their operations.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on Enclosed Space Entry

This time, our special column, in association with The North of England P&I Club, gives emphasis on enclosed space entry. The dangers of enclosed space entry on board ships is rising as the hidden enemy for crews, with human element failures often considered as a key cause, including; fatigue, complacency and cutting corners. These highlight improper training, insufficient hazard awareness, and perhaps a need for enclosed spacer entry to be reviewed further more. In this regard, we asked global experts to share their views on the following question: Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

North Club receives SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that The North of England P&I Club has received the 2019 SAFETY4SEA Initiative Award at a prestigious award ceremony which successfully concluded on October the 1st at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens, the evening ahead of the SAFETY4SEA Conference.


Does enclosed space entry need more regulation?

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