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When stowaways turn violent

The recent incident on an oil tanker where stowaways posed a threat to the crew brought maritime security to the attention of a wider audience, says Abbie Rudd Senior Executive (Claims) at the North P&I Club.

Charterers tackle carbon with the Sea Cargo Charter

The Sea Cargo Charter (SCC) provides a framework that enables shipowners, charterers and cargo owners in the bulk industry to align their activities and promote shipping’s green transition, explains Mr. Mark Smith, Loss Prevention Executive at The North Club.

Preventing human errors when changing DP control modes

There have been several reports of incidents on Dynamic Positioning (DP) vessels where control was lost because the DP operator (DPO) failed to correctly switch control between different operating stations, notes Mr. John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive at North P&I Club highlighting ways to reduce the likelihood of serious position-loss incidents.

SeaSense – Expert Thinking on one year of IMO Cap implementation

Although all lights are shed on COVID-19, let’s not forget that last year the long anticipated IMO Sulphur cap became effective. Now, after one year of implementation,  it is time to come to conclusions; in that regard,  in our Sea Sense column,  in association with The North of England P&I Club, we ask global experts to make their assessment whether we succeeded or not:

Update: Port and terminal status in Libya

Amid the current volatile conditions in Libya, North P&I Club issued an update to inform shipowners, operators and individuals about the port and terminal status in the region.

Challenges arising from carrying Ivory Coast nickel ore cargo

Due to a recent increase of nickel ore exports from Ivory Coast, the North P&I Club addresses the challenges arising to vessels that carry the cargo, highlighting that the primary concerns are on the moisture content of cargoes at the time of loading, the validity of cargo sample test results and doubts on the status of an operational competent authority.

Argentina targets vessels exceeding speed limits

The Argentina Coast Guard are taking action against vessels that exceed speed limits in the River Plate basin and Parana River, according to North P&I Club citing information from local correspondents Pandi Liquidadores S.R.L. 

North Club accounts 20-year strong presence in Greece: Key initiatives and future plans

In an exclusive interview with SAFETY4SEA, Gordon Robertson, Director (Greece) and Tony Allen, Director (Greece) at North P&I Club explain why the Greek market is so important to the Club. On the occasion of a 20-year presence in Greece, the two Executives from North Club share key initiatives taken and milestones achieved while they also reveal future plans of their agenda.

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