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North Club updates guidance on 2020 sulphur cap compliance

North P&I Club has updated its guidance on the 2020 Sulphur Cap for operators. This aims to help them prepare for the big switch to compliance on 1 January 2020. After a programme of events, training sessions and publications which have been taking place over the past 12 months, North published three new guides to ensure safe and compliant operations.

Unseaworthy judgment made after improper passage planning

As the North P&I Club informs, the UK Admiralty Court has recently rejected a shipowner’s claim for general average. It specifically concluded that the ship was unseaworthy because of an error in the passage plan. North Club noted that this case has showcased how important a proper berth-to-berth passage planning is, saying that it ‘is much more than just putting courses on a chart or ECDIS.’

Update on Yemen ports situation

The North of England P&I Club correspondent has confirmed the situation with regard port status in Yemen, as of 17 April. The Club advised Masters to remain in close contact with the appointed agent and have all cargo documentation ready when requested by officials.

Any incident occurring at a port can be caught on camera

The North of England P&I Club informed of a recent incident in a US terminal which highlighted that, when a vessel is in port and something happens, there is a chance it has being caught on camera. A surveyor onboard a ship moored at a US terminal, fell from the stepladder when departing the vessel.

North Club: Attention needed for quay contacts in Port of Kingston, Jamaica

According to the North P&I Club, recent years have seen several incidents in the Port of Kingston in Jamaica where vessels have made contact with a particular quay on the entrance to the port’s basin. These contact incidents have caused damage to the port, to the vessel and on sometimes pollution. On each case, the appropriateness of the speed of approach of the ship into the turning basin was questionable.

North Club launches safety culture organisational assessment tool

North P&I Club announced the launch of a self-assessment tool for owners and operators to assess and improve their safety performance. Developed in conjunction with leading safety consultancy Green-Jakobsen, the SCORA seeks to enable operators to measure their organisational capacity for safety, both onboard and ashore. 

Port operations continue as normal in Pakistan after tension with India

Tensions between India and Pakistan are rising after a militant attack which killed over 40 Indian troops in disputed Kashmir on 14 February 2019. As the North Club informs, port operations are continuing as normal, however any Indian ship calling at Pakistan may be considered as a concern under the current situation.

North: Cargo cranes on vessels under scrutiny at Longview

The North P&I Club notes that cargo cranes on board ships calling at Longview, WA in the US are coming under scrutiny from International Longshore and Warehouse Union inspectors. Specifically, recent incidents regard calling vessels failing strict ILWU crane inspections conducted before cargo operations. A common finding is grooving of crane sheaves which ILWU inspectors consider to be excessive and in breach of Rule 266 of the ILWU Code.

Vessel detentions in Indonesia due to ‘illegal anchoring’

According to a recent release by the North P&I Club,  its SPICA correspondents in Indonesia informed about an increasing number of vessels being detained by the local authorities while they are at anchor in the waters around the island of Bintan, which is a popular place for vessels to “waiting for orders” because it is close to shipping lanes, and believed to be OPL (Operational Port Limited) Singapore. However, these waters are within Indonesian territorial waters where local regulation apply.

Watch: North Club launches can test training pack to address liquefaction risk

North P&I Club has launched a new series of bite-sized training packs to help seafarers avoid the contributing factors to workplace casualties. The first training pack focuses on the Can Test, the IMSBC complementary test for bulk cargoes, to address suspected bulk cargo liquefaction, which has claimed lives of an estimated 112 seafarers since 2007. 


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