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SeaSense – Expert Thinking on COVID-19 impact on seafarers

Among the complex consequences of the COVID-19 crisis was a major seafarer welfare issue, as crew mobility was minimized amid globally imposed travel bans. SAFETY4SEA in association with The North P&I Club, features a special column including expert perspectives on critical issues with respect to COVID-19 impact on seafares.

New fuels and heat sensitive cargoes

The new fuels introduced to the bunker market have been found to be diverse. One particular characteristic can however prove troublesome if the vessel is carrying a heat-sensitive cargo, argues Alvin Forster, Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Club.

New fuels’ heat affects sensitive cargo

The shipping industry is constantly looking for alternative fuels to achieve decarbonization and mitigate its environmental impact. Yet, Alvin Foster, North Club, states that the new fuels introduced to the bunker market have been found to be diverse.

Court finds shipper not responsible for cargo damage

The North P&I Club informs about a judgment that found shipper not responsible for damage to cargo. Namely, the UK High Court has rejected a novel argument put forward by a shipowner to hold the voyage charterer responsible for loading a damaged soya bean cargo.

Crew changes: An overview

The North Club provides information concerning which countries enable crew changes and which not, providing updates. Thus, the table below includes the countries that facilitate crew changes. The issue of crew changes has been at the centre of attention lately, as port restrictions and the global lockdown have led to many seafarers being onboard vessels and having their contracts extended.

Shipping alerted about PPE and testing kit scammers

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted to an increased demand of testing kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) onboard; Thus, North Club highlights that shipowners and seafarers should be aware of the risks when deciding on testing and PPE requirements and exercise caution when purchasing.

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