Namely, during February, the Yacht Haven Marina accommodated 36 super yachts.


Anthony Gould, CEO of Galileo Maritime Academy based in Phuket, said:

This all-time record for any marina in Asia is the result of many factors including government actions, but also the sheer beauty and abundance of pristine anchorages and remote islands of Pang Nga Bay, the Mergui Archipelago, the islands of the Andaman Sea as well as those around Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam

Now, Thailand has become a central hub for super yachts and has a well-developed infrastructure at key cruising areas.

The thousands of super yachts that have been operating in the crowded and congested marinas and anchorages of the Florida coast, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas are now beginning to explore the remlow cost marinas of Thailand and the Asia Pacific region.