French fisheries patrol vessel rescues two yachtsmen

AMSA coordinated a multi-national search and rescue response after being informed of an injured solo yachtsman Abhilash Tomy. A French fisheries patrol vessel rescued Abhliash Tom, while it also evacuated a second solo yachtsman, Gregor McGuckin, from the SV Hanley Energy Endurance.

Watch: Major fire destroys luxury yacht in Dubrovnik

In the morning hours of 7 September, the Maltese-flagged luxury yacht ‘Kanga’ suffered a major fire while off the cruise port of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with nine crew members and four passengers onboard. Initial reports suggest an electrical failure triggered the fire. 

French Coastguard, Wallem ship rescue five in the Mediterranean

The Wallem-managed ship, ‘Coral Leader’, provided assistance to the French Coastguard, in the rescue of a crew from a sailing yacht on August 26. The yacht was in distress in the Mediterranean Sea, just off Corsica. All five people were successfully airlifted to safety.

Cargo ship collides with yacht off Kent

Two people have been successfully rescued after a cargo vessel and a yacht collided off Dungeness, Kent, in the early morning hours of Wednesday, according to data provided by the HM Coastguard, which received a Mayday from the yacht following the accident.

USCG assists 10 after vessel went adrift off Bahamas

The US Coast Guard in cooperation with commercial salvage, rescued 10 people on board a disabled and adrift vessel Monday 9 miles west of Bimini, Bahamas. The cutter ‘Paul Clark’ arrived on the scene of the incident and embarked eight people with no injuries. The US Coast Guard Cutter ‘William Flores’ also embarked two more people.

NZ changes rules for recreational boats after deadly yacht accident

On the aftermath of a fatal accident that killed two crew members of the yacht ‘Platino’ back in June 2016, Maritime NZ announced changes to safety requirements for recreational vessels leaving New Zealand ports for overseas, and for other recreational vessels in New Zealand waters.

USCG finds vessel adrift for over a month after rescuing owners

USCG located a 46-foot sailing vessel that was adrift for more than one month after the vessel owners were rescued from it, off the coast of Grays Harbor, on 16 June.  The Cutter ‘Barracuda’ crew found the ‘Kelaerin’, Sunday while on routine patrol near Fort Bragg more than 440 miles south-southeast from its June position.

Skipper ordered to pay $17,500 after running over a diver

New Zealand’s North Shore District Court has ordered an Auckland boatie to pay $17,500 in reparation, after running over a diver and seriously injuring him. Maritime Rules impose a speed limit of 5 knots (9 km/h) within 50 metres of a person in the water and 200 metres of a boat flying a dive flag.

Cargo ship rescues two from stricken yacht off Darwin

The Singapore-flagged cargo ship ‘IVS Phinda’ has rescued two Australian sailors Monday morning, 370 kilometres north of Darwin. The sailors were travelling from Indonesia to Australia on their yacht, the ‘Jepeda IV’, when they lost their mast in rough weather.

CV24 yacht was not safely manned, says UK MAIB

On 31 October 2017, the UK registered and commercially operated yacht ‘CV24’ ran aground on Cape Peninsula, South Africa. CV24 was abandoned and the crew was rescued uninjured. There was no pollution and the wreck was subsequently disposed of locally. UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the incident.


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