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Somalis tried in Paris for luxury yacht crew hijack

They are charged with taking the 30 crew of luxury sailing ship Le Ponant hostage Six Somalis go on trial in a Paris court on Tuesday charged with taking the 30 crew of luxury sailing ship Le Ponant hostage in the emerald, pirate-infested waters of the Gulf of Aden in 2008.The six men, aged 25 to 50, face life in prison if convicted of kidnapping and theft as part of a gang after they were arrested in a French airborne operation on land in Somalia after a ransom was paid.Only one admits to being a pirate, two admit to having been aboard the elegant 88-metre three-master but only to sell goats, cigarettes and the mild narcotic khat. The other three deny ever having set foot on the boat.Le Ponant left the Seychelles on March 30, 2008 with 30 crew and no passengers on board, headed for Yemen where they were to take on passengers for a cruise.On entering the notorious Gulf of Aden on April 4, the ship was boarded by pirates armed with assault rifles who forced the crew to head for Somalia.A week later, the ship's owner, shipping giant CMA-CGM, paid a $2.15-million (1.7-million-euro) ransom, the crew was ...

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NATO: yachts remain easy targets for pirates

Let your Yacht take the ferry Let your Yacht take the ferry - when considering a passage through the Gulf of Aden, Arabian Sea and western Indian Ocean, north of 10 degrees south and west of 78 degrees east.Somali pirates operating in this area are looking for merchant ships, yet the past has shown that pirates will attack large and even smaller yachts passing their way. Larger yachts with more people onboard or a group of yachts could be seen as a valuable and easy target for the pirates.The risk is higher than everSuccessful disruptions by naval forces over the past few months, complemented by merchant ships masters' adherence and implementation of advice in Best Management Practices, have significantly reduced the pirates' ability to capture merchant vessels. However pirates still constitute a considerable threat. Being less successful in hijackings of merchant ships they will continue to develop new operational tactics, which could include yachts.A sum-up of facts- the number of attacks remains as high as ever,- pirates are less successful in hijackings of merchant ships,- a yacht or a group of yachts are an easy target,- the pirates have shown both willingness and ability to attack even smaller yachts.This should ...

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Diana Yacht Design Develops Environmentally Friendly Superyacht

Born out of the challenge to develop and design an environmentally friendly super yacht The Diana Navitas was born out of the challenge to develop and design an environmentally friendly super yacht where guests will be aware of their energy consumption in a relaxed manner. The crucial factor to reduce the energy consumption is the user awareness.The integration of a sustainable energy management system will only realize its full benefits if the user has the knowledge to use the system in the right way. On our innovative touch screens integrated in every suite and major accommodations, guests and owners can monitor the entire energy system of the yacht. Through these touch screens the users have direct control of their energy consumption. The impact of their behavior is clearly shown on the display which creates awareness and stimulates well considered energy consumption on board.Everything is done to make this yacht as efficient as possible without compromising to the luxury on board. A lightweight aluminum hull and structure together with a smart slim hull saves a lot of fuel and weight. No energy is wasted in this yacht. The cooling water from the generators and water heated by the solar panel is ...

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Tanker collides with yacht at Cowes Week regatta

Two sailors had to be rescued from the water The first day of racing in Cowes Week was disrupted on Saturday when the 124,000-ton Hanne Knutsen encountered a fleet of yachts.One of the racing vessels, Atalanta, was in collision with the 870ft-long Norwegian-owned tanker as it proceeded to the oil refinery at Fawley, near Southampton.The yacht, which normally has nine crew members on board, became entangled in the larger vessel's anchor and had its sails torn off and mast snapped.The force of the collision sent two of its crew overboard. They were picked up by a rescue boat and a coastguard patrol boat from Southampton.One crew member was taken to St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight and treated for a head injury. Organisers said the regatta would continue as normal.Source: The Telegraph

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