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American Club adds approved PEME clinic

The American P&I Club issued a marine circular to inform all shipowners and operators about the changes in pre-employment medical examination (PEME) in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

Key points to watch before passing PEME

Pre-employment medical examination is a procedure every seafarer has to deal with to prove their mind and body fitness if they want to go onboard. As the COVID-19 crisis is gradually fading, thousands of seafarers are expected to sign in and will have to successfully pass their medical exam.

American Club extends validity of PEME certificates

The American P&I Club announced extension of the validity of its PEME certificates to 31st August 2020, as the significant restrictions on shipowners’ ability to perform regular crew changes continue to be a challenge for the maritime community.

PEME as a foundation of the crew member’s wellbeing and safety on board

Today we are going to talk about Pre-employment and re-employment medical examinations. Unfortunately the importance of these tests is under estimated, left for the responsibility of the crew member, treated as a formal requirement, which eventually might lead to very costly claims onboard and/or even direct threat to the crew member’s life.

American Club PEME: Most medical issues linked to diet

The American P&I Club shared figures on its PEME program for 2017-2018, noting that most medical conditions observed were lifestyle related, attributed to seafarer’s dietary habits. The Club has also seen a general trend and rise in the incidences of Hep B and Hep C conditions globally. 

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